Customize Eyeglasses Display Shelf Metal Floor Eyewear Display

This eyeglasses display rack features a metal skeleton design that highlights the modern and fashionable elements. Its double-sided design allows you to display eyewear styles more flexibly and attract more customers’ attention.

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The eyeglasses display rack is designed with a floor-standing design, making it easy to move and arrange. It features a double-sided hangable design with three columns and 20 layers of hooks on each side, maximizing the use of space and effectively displaying a variety of eyeglass styles. This not only improves the display effect, but also allows for a wider selection of glasses to meet the needs of different customers and increase sales opportunities.

The top of the display stand is equipped with transparent acrylic boards on both sides, providing additional space for publicity and display. This allows for the display of attractive advertisements, brand logos, or promotional information, increasing brand exposure and attracting more customer.

The bottom of the display is designed with a small locker and lock for secure storage, adding practicality to the product and providing a convenient storage option for the store. This ensures a neat and organized eyewear display area.

This metal floor standing eyeglasses display stand is perfect for optical boutiques, fashion eyewear chains, department stores, and specialty eyewear brand stores. Its modern and unique design allows it to highlight brand image and product features in a variety of settings.

Our factory is committed to customization, allowing customers to tailor the floor standing metal eyeglasses display stand to their brand image, store style, and display needs. From size and color to design style, every detail can be adjusted according to the customer’s specific requirements, ensuring that the display stand seamlessly integrates into the store environment and showcases the uniqueness of the brand.

Product Information

Application For displaying sunglasses, eyewear, reading glasses
Service OEM/ODM
Sample Leadtime 12-15 working days
Bulk Production Leadtime 25-30 working days
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Business type Manufacturer

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