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We wholesale a variety of acrylic trays including serving trays, decorative trays, jewelry trays, shower trays, perfume trays, dessert trays, and storage trays. Acrylic material is eco-friendly and easy to process. Our factory has a wide range of acrylic sheets to choose from. Such as transparent acrylic, colored acrylic, textured acrylic, and mirror effect acrylic, etc. When combined with different manufacturing processes, we can customize a wide variety of trays. Except the Acrylic trays, we also offer custom tray liners, tray pads, and accessories. Our factory only produces custom-made bulk orders and does not have any inventory for retail sales.


Shenzhen APEX are a direct factory with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have gained a deep understanding of display racks and acrylic products. Each project from design concept to bulk production, our designers, engineers and production experts will follow up tightly. Our team cooperation ability and efficient production capacity, will provide you with professional and satisfactory service.

Acrylic trays are characterized by their beauty, lightweight, easy cleaning, and durability, and can be used in various occasions. For example, in shopping malls and supermarkets, trays can be used to display products; At exhibitions, trays can be used to showcase exhibits; In home organization, trays can be used to classify and organize items, making the space more tidy; In hotels, trays can be used to hold bathing and cosmetic products and other items; In catering services, trays can be used to hold tableware and food, facilitating cleaning and improving service efficiency. Because trays are practical and beautiful, they can also be given as gifts to family and friends.

We offer customization services, so what can be customized? The thickness and color of acrylic material can be customized, designs and structures of tray can be customized, logos and graphics can be customized, surface finish can be customized, accessories can be customized, and packaging can also be customized. As long as you have an idea, our team will do our best to help you realize it.

In order to ensure that our trays are correct and qualified, our sales team communicates every detail clearly with customers. After that, our design department provides a rendering. Once the rendering is confirmed, we provide manufacturing drawings. Once the material and processes are confirmed, we start to make physical samples. After our QC finished the inspection and tested the physical samples, we send them to customers for personal review. Once the customer is satisfied, we begin bulk production.

Our factory has a production workshop of over 13,000 square meters, around 200 technical workers, and 5 production lines, the monthly production capacity of up to 80,000 unit. From cutting, routing,laser engraving to CNC, diamond polishing, polishing, silk screen printing and UV Printing, we strive to perfect each step in our craft. We are always offer customers lower prices and high-quality acrylic trays.

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