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Cosmetic Display

APEX has accumulated rich experience in cosmetics display projects, and established long-term cooperative relationships with world famous brands in the health and beauty industries. We can produce any type of custom cosmetic displays, including Make-up Display, Skincare Display, Personal Care Display, Fragrance Display, Cosmetic Fixture, Beauty Merchandising, Endcap display stand, Spinner display stand, 2 sided iconic expansion, 1- sided iconic expansion, Wall kits expansion, Newness glorifier, Iconic gondola 1-sided, Iconic gondola 2-sided, Gondola Version display stand, Wall Version display stand, Must haves tower, Refresh counter top units, 2 sided iconic display, Iconic 3 bay, Iconic metal pedestal, Iconic fixture, Inline Merchandising Displays, Retrofitted Retail Fixture, Double Bay Display Unit, Suncare Display Stand, Glossier Retail Display Stand, Tester widge display, Envy Iconic Display Stand, front of store display….etc. The right display racks can not only increase market share, but also promote a brand. Welcome to contact us to custom your display racks today.


Shenzhen APEX are a direct factory with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have gained a deep understanding of display racks and acrylic products. Each project from design concept to bulk production, our designers, engineers and production experts will follow up tightly. Our team cooperation ability and efficient production capacity, will provide you with professional and satisfactory service.

We can provide you almost all kinds of cosmetics display racks you need. We have been customizing display racks for world famous brands for more than 20 years. Due to non-disclosure agreements, we cannot show you all the information related to the display stand we have made. But our expertise can provide you with a lot of valuable services.

Our factory is good at the manufacture and application of various materials, including acrylic, metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, resin, and so on. For the same cost, APEX provides you with more choices. We have integrated upstream and downstream supply chains to build and cohesive full-service system, so we can provide a full suite solution to satisfy all demands for display racks from you.

We have 3 factories to produce acrylic parts, 3 factories to produce CRS parts, 2 factories to produce aluminum parts, 1 factory to produce stainless steel parts, 2 factories to produce vac-form parts, 2 factories to produce LED and electronic parts, 1 factory to produce injection parts, 1 factory to produce resin parts. Our strong production capability can match your requirements of large order and urgent order. We can also provide in-house design, R&D, management, outsourcing services and other value-added services.

APEX provide long-term and stable services for over 50 well-known international brands. The product quality has been recognized by all customers, so our company has a good reputation in the industry. And We have passed ISO, SGS, BV, TUV, RoHS, AEON audit, SEDEX, L’oreal audit. If you are looking for the right display stand manufacturing factory, APEX is a good choice for you. Warmly welcome to visit our factory any time you need.

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