Acrylic Home Furnishings

Acrylic furniture just like an artcraft, which can be well integrated into various decoration styles, endowing the space with a flexible and vivid aesthetic feeling. APEX has been developing interesting and fashionable home supplies, injecting rich cultural connotation into the products with humanized design concept, and providing more fun for your life.


Shenzhen APEX are a direct factory with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have gained a deep understanding of display racks and acrylic products. Each project from design concept to bulk production, our designers, engineers and production experts will follow up tightly. Our team cooperation ability and efficient production capacity, will provide you with professional and satisfactory service.

Acrylic has a wide range of applications in household products and furnishings, thanks to its beautiful appearance and high-end texture. Additionally, acrylic materials have features such as UV resistance, ease of cleaning, and non-toxic and environmentally friendly properties. Most importantly, acrylic has excellent processing properties and a wide range of colors. When you choose to use acrylic to customize various household products and furnishings, you can customize or choose any color you like. Our factory can then process the materials using cutting, laser engraving, CNC, thermoforming, and other methods to create products in various shapes and sizes, meeting your personalized aesthetic and needs.

We can customize various acrylic products for you, such as acrylic tables, acrylic chairs, acrylic coffee tables, acrylic side cabinets, acrylic stools, acrylic bookshelves, acrylic tea carts, acrylic wine racks, acrylic storage boxes, acrylic lamps, acrylic pet supplies, and more. As long as you like the appearance of acrylic and want to use it for decoration in any part of your home, our factory can customize products according to your requirements to create a unique living space for you.

We have two own-self factories with advanced equipment and skilled workers, and all production processes related to acrylic material can be completed in-house. Except acrylic home supplies and acrylic furniture, our factory also offer custom service for acrylic interior decoration and acrylic engineer decoration.

We are a big factory who always focus on the manufacturing and application of custom service for the high-grade acrylic products. We has a production workshop of over 13,000 square meters, around 200 technical workers, and 5 production lines, the monthly production capacity of up to 80,000 unit. We provide in-house design, R&D, management and outsourcing services for all customized acrylic products.

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