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APEX offers OEM&ODM electronics display racks with various sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate different types of electronic products. The 3C electronics displays we have made include Computer display stand, Gaming console display stand, Keyboard and mouse display stand, Headphones display rack, Audio system display rack, Bluetooth eyewear display rack, Massager display rack, Mobile phone display stand, Digital camera display rack, Video camera display stand, Watch and smart wristband display stand, Speaker display rack, Air purifier display stand, Point-of-purchase displays for Smart home devices, Car electronic products display stands, etc. Some intelligent display stands have interactive functions, and customers can test and experience the products. The right display racks can not only increase market share, but also promote a brand. Welcome to contact us to custom your display racks today.


Shenzhen APEX are a direct factory with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have gained a deep understanding of display racks and acrylic products. Each project from design concept to bulk production, our designers, engineers and production experts will follow up tightly. Our team cooperation ability and efficient production capacity, will provide you with professional and satisfactory service.

Driven by the upgrade of consumption and technological innovation, the market demand for 3C products is expanding continuously, which has brought huge development opportunities for the 3C manufacturing industry. With mature manufacturing processes, experienced R&D team, and large-scale production workshops, APEX can provide customized display stands for brand owners, distributors, agents, retail stores, and live broadcast rooms of e-commerce platforms, etc. You just need to introduce your 3C products to us, our team will design exclusive custom display stands for you. For businesses located in or around Shenzhen, we can also provide on-site services.

Our factory can provide customers with more value-added services, such as product design, we can provide rendering drawings, model drawings, and manufacturing drawings, design advertising graphics, etc. For the testing, we will do first piece testing, functional testing, aging testing, load-bearing testing, security testing, etc. Electronic parts, we can provide CE, ROHS, UL certification, etc.

We have 3 factories to produce acrylic parts, 3 factories to produce CRS parts, 2 factories to produce aluminum parts, 1 factory to produce stainless steel parts, 2 factories to produce vac-form parts, 2 factories to produce LED and electronic parts, 1 factory to produce injection parts, 1 factory to produce resin parts. The application and manufacture of multiple materials in our factory can meet the diverse needs of your display rack.

APEX is a factory that attaches great importance to quality and reputation. If our factory awarded your display stand projects, we will ensure that you receive the appropriate services in seven aspects, including product quality, service quality, brand image, innovation capability, design responsibility, staff quality, and safety protection.

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