The first Fire drills of APEX company

In order to enable all employees to understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, enhance self-protection ability, master emergency response to fires, escape skills, learn to extinguish fires and conduct emergency evacuation of personnel in an orderly manner, on December 10, 2019 at 17: 00 pm: 00-17: 30 The “Fire Emergency Escape Plan Exercise” activity was held. The work arrangements, key content and related requirements during the exercise were fully implemented. All-round mobilization and full participation to strengthen the safety awareness and emergency escape capabilities of our employees.


1. High priority and careful preparation

All staff actively participate in learning fire safety knowledge and training, orderly and neatly to the designated location for the drill

2. On-site explanation, concrete operation

Firefighters conducted fire safety training for all employees, preaching fire safety knowledge, fire prevention, fire extinguishing, etc., and explaining the use of fire apparatus.

3. Exercise Summary

The safety awareness of all staff has been improved, they have a better understanding of fire safety attempts and have learned how to use fire-fighting appliances in response to emergencies.

The fire emergency escape plan drill lasted for 10 minutes from the release of the fire situation to the successful evacuation of the organization. It really achieved a clear division of labor and responsibilities to people. In the first time of the fire situation, we must be calm and calm. Every employee should do What, how to call the police correctly, how to extinguish correctly, how to evacuate, how to rescue yourself and escape.

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