The Application Of Metal Cigarette Display Racks

Metal Cigarette Display Racks are popular in convenience stores,retail stores,gas station c-store and vape shops to display and showcase a variety of electronic cigarette products.APEX factory offers a wide range of display racks, including both tabletop and free-standing options.

Option 1:
This is a floor-standing Metal Smoke Display Stand with four swivel wheels, each with a brake. The overall display shelf is presented in a matte black color that can resist fingerprints. It has four drawers at the bottom and six pull-out layers on top. The inside product down lighting is optional, the outside is decorated with RGB light strips.

Option 2:
This version can be divided into three parts, the top is a movable advertising lightbox;
The upper part consists of 8-layer pull-out shelves with interlocked doors and RGB light strips around it;
The lower part has a locking storage cabinet.

Except above best selling middle size, we can also quote you some custom display rack based on your required sizes. These cigarette display racks can be used individually or stacked and combined together for a customized display solution.

Shenzhen APEX are a leading factory located in Shenzhen,focus on designing and manufacturing custom display racks for over 20 years. We are able to offer a wide selection of display racks cigarette and e-cig industry.

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