With the increase of disposable income of people and the change of modern consumption habits towards digital products, the headphone market has huge potential and broad development space in recent years. As consumers’ demand for personalized headphones becomes increasingly evident, headphones seem to have become a necessity in daily life.

Therefore, there are a wide variety of headphone products on the market, such as earbud headphones, in-ear headphones, headband headphones, ear-hook headphones, Bluetooth headphones, wireless headphones, and customized headphones.


When various headphones enter the market, in order to obtain better effect of visual and brand marketing, headphone brands have to find professional suppliers to customize headphones display racks. There are 3 main reasons:
Firstly, it makes the headphones more aesthetically displayed and secondly, it enhances customers’ impression of the brand, and thirdly, it allows customers to have a better product experience and increases their purchasing desire.
Shenzhen Apex Artcrafts Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen City and is a source factory specializing in customized display racks. With over 20 years of display racks manufacturing experience, Apex is very good at producing acrylic headphone display stands, metal headphone display racks, and acrylic and metal combined headphone display shelves.



Our factory have many cases, including Countertop Acrylic Headphone Display Stand,PC Gaming Headset Headphone Display Rack, Earphone Headphone Stand,Music Headset desktop display stand,Wireless Bluetooth Headset Desktop Display Stand,Light Up Headphone Acrylic Display Rack With LED LCD function,Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headset Display stand,Earplugs Table Desk Display Stand,Over-Ear Headphones Counter Table Acrylic POP Display Stand,ear-hook headphones store display…etc.

We warmly welcome customers to come to our factory for face-to-face discussions and on-site inspections.

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