How to maintain the acrylic display stand?

In specialty stores and shopping malls, will see cosmetics, perfume, electronic cigarettes and many other commodities placed in the acrylic display rack, visible acrylic in the display of goods has occupied an important position.

Acrylic display as a long time exposed to the air display props, the surface will inevitably accumulate stains and dust, in the use of the same into, usually ignore the maintenance of the display, if you want to make the acrylic display in the use of the same time can still keep the bright luster, that certain maintenance and cleaning is a must

1. Prevent high temperature

The temperature of the acrylic panel should not be higher than 90 degrees during continuous application, because the thermal deformation of the general acrylic panel is stable at about 100 degrees, so it should be avoided to use the acrylic display stand in a high temperature environment.

2. Daily care

Wipe the surface of the acrylic display stand with a clean towel and 1% soapy water, never use solvents to remove grease, dirt, adhesives or sticky substances from the surface as window cleaners, ammonia products and other products containing compounds will damaged acrylic panel.

3. Avoid sharp objects

The hardness of acrylic products is comparable to that of aluminum, and it is easy to scratch when sharp objects are scratched. If it is a small scratch, you can directly wipe it with a paper towel or a rag with a little toothpaste. If it is a large scratch, it needs to be polished.

4. Prevent collision

In the process of moving the acrylic display stand, pay attention to packing it with sponge or soft cloth to avoid damage caused by collision.

The above is the daily maintenance method of acrylic display stand, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team.

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