Cosmetic Display Disign Ideas

Cosmetics display rack is used to display all kinds of exquisite cosmetics. Man is a visual animal. There is no one who doesn’t like beautiful things. Just as the appearance of cosmetics is to make people more beautiful, the significance of the existence of cosmetics display stands is to set off cosmetics, so that these cosmetics look more pleasing to the eye, so as to stimulate customers’ desire to buy.

The design and display of cosmetic display cases is a knowledge. There are many factors to consider, such as the collocation of styles, the layout of space, the use of lighting and so on. The materials used in the display cases are also better. Arranged in major shopping malls or specialized stores, a variety of color matching has strict requirements. The brand’s logo and the overall design of the showcase should reflect the characteristics and distinguish it from other brands in the industry.

Display Frame Design Points.

In order to maximize the display effect, the design of cosmetics display shelves needs to comply with some points.

1. Layout design

The layout design should be reasonable, clean, and can highlight the product characteristics, so that customers are fresh and fresh.

Products of the same variety are best placed in the same place in the showcase.

It is best to place the goods in different varieties and prices in different layers.

The same display shelf can place lipstick, perfume, foundation and other products, but each product is best placed in the area, convenient for customers to compare, and visually will not appear very messy.

2. Appearance design

The appearance of the cosmetics display case should be harmonious with the displayed goods. Color selection is best to use a similar color system, if the goods on display are blue, the display can use light blue, pink blue, white. Choose other colors, should also be matched with the product color, visually can not be too obtrusive. Do not overwhelm, remember that the purpose of the display shelf is to set off cosmetics. In order to highlight the beauty of the goods, the design of the showcase can also be designed around the goods as appropriate some small decorations. If the makeup is green, the display shelf can be embellished with some green leaves.

3. Variety display

Customers in the purchase of cosmetics, will certainly pick and choose to buy their own satisfaction with the goods, if the goods are too few, the customer’s choice space is also very little. The same series of cosmetics have different styles, such as a newly listed liquid foundation, may have three color numbers, then in the design of the showcase, it is best to preset the space to fully display the series of products. Set up a prominent place for popular products.

4. Size

The size of the cosmetics showcase is customized, not fixed, mainly by the cosmetics to be displayed, space, salespeople and the structure of the showcase, material properties, processes, etc., generally common specifications are 1000*300*1800/2000mm. According to the height, there are high cabinets and low cabinets. The high cabinet is generally placed against the wall or independently, the upper part is the cabinet, and the lower part becomes the base or legs. The size is generally 800*1800*1900/2200mm, and the base is about 800mm. The low cabinet is divided into single slope, double slope and flat top, the small size is usually 700*1400*1300mm, the large is about 1300*1800*1500m, and the lower leg length is 700 ~ 1000mm.

Display Rack Material Selection

When selecting the material of the cosmetics display rack, attention should be paid to its compatibility with the material of the products on display. The following are some common materials of cosmetic display shelves and products corresponding suggestions.

Acrylic material

  • Applicable products: small volume, light weight cosmetics, such as lipstick, mascara, perfume, skin care samples, etc.
  • Reason: Acrylic material transparency, Acrylis display standcan clearly display the product, and lightweight, easy to handle and display.

Metal material

  • Applicable products: cosmetics with large volume and heavy weight, such as skin care sets, makeup trays, beauty tools, etc.
  • Reason: The metal material is strong and durable, strong load-bearing capacity, and can withstand heavier products.

Wood material

  • Applicable products: high-end cosmetics, such as perfume, skin care set, gift box cosmetics, etc.
  • Reason: The wood material texture is warm and natural, which can create a high-end shopping atmosphere and improve the product grade.

Glass material

  • Applicable products: Products that need to highlight the appearance, such as perfume, skin care products, etc.
  • Reason: The glass material has good permeability, can clearly show the appearance of the product, and is easy to clean.

PVC material

  • Applicable products: Price sensitive cosmetics, such as promotional products, temporary display products, etc.
  • Reason: PVC material is cheap and easy to process into various shapes.

Common Cosmetics Display Rack Style

There are several common cosmetics display rack styles.

  • Vertical display stand:Vertical display standis the most common style of cosmetics display rack, which can be placed against the wall to save space. The number of layers of the vertical display can be customized according to the needs.
  • Cabinet display stand: Cabinet display standhas a strong storage function, and cosmetics can be neatly displayed in the cabinet. The top of the cabinet display shelf can be placed some promotional posters or product samples to attract customers’ attention.
  • Rotary display stand: The rotary display standcan display multiple products on a disc, and customers can freely rotate the disc and choose their favorite products. The rotating display rack is novel in shape and can attract the attention of customers.
  • Desktop display stand: The desktop display stand is small in size and can be placed in places such as cash register and makeup table. Desktop display shelves are often used to display small pieces of cosmetics, such as lipstick, mascara, etc.
  • Island display stand:Island display standcan be placed in the center of the mall or the entrance of the store, with strong attraction. The shape and size of the island display stand can be customized according to the requirements.

In the purchase of cosmetics display rack style, should consider the following factors.

  • Store area: If the store area is small, you can choose vertical display rack or desktop display rack; If the store area is large, you can choose cabinet display rack or island display rack.
  • Product quantity: If the number of products is large, you can choose cabinet display rack or island display rack; If the number of products is small, you can choose vertical display stands or desktop display stands.
  • Product type: If the product on display is large in volume or heavy in weight, you can choose a metal display rack; If the product on display is small in volume or light in weight, you can choose acrylic or wood display shelves.

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