Classification & Application of Acrylic

According to light transmittance, color, and surface effects, acrylic material can be divided into transparent acrylic sheets, translucent acrylic sheets, colored acrylic sheets, frosted acrylic sheets, mirror acrylic sheets, light guide acrylic sheets, and anti-glare acrylic sheets.

      Transparent acrylic sheets                                            Colored acrylic sheets                                           Translucent acrylic sheets

                Clear frosted acrylic sheets                                     Colored frosted acrylic sheets                                           Mirror acrylic sheets       

                  Light guide acrylic sheets                                         Anti-glare acrylic sheets                                            Fluorescent acrylic sheets

In addition to the above commonly used acrylic sheets, there are also some unconventional acrylic material, such as textured acrylic sheets, fluorescent acrylic sheets, and the acrylic sheets with special surface effects.

Textured acrylic sheets

Acrylic sheets with special surface effects          Acrylic sheets with diamond effect                           Oil paint style colored acrylic

                      Glitter acrylic sheets                                                Rainbow film acrylic sheets                                        Smoke acrylic sheets               

Due to the high light transmittance of acrylic materials, which can reach more than 92%, and the rich and colorful colors, they can provide a strong visual beauty. Therefore, they are widely used in custom cosmetic display racks, advertising pop displays, and other fields.

                     Cosmetic Display                                                                Vape Display                                                           3C Electronics Display

Acrylic sheets has strong processing performance and can be customized into various shapes and sizes. It has good safety and weather resistance, so it is not easy to crack, and its performance is not easy to change even after long-term use.

Shenzhen Apex company has more than 20 years of experience in the acrylic display rack industry and specializes in the manufacture and application of high-end acrylic sheets, providing worldwide customers with high-quality acrylic display racks.

During the 20+ years of development, our team has tested and evaluated thousands of acrylic sheets from all over the world, and we have rich practical experience in the performance and processing technology of acrylic materials, as well as the special treatment required for display racks.We are happy to share and continue to explore, and welcome every customer who wants to customize acrylic display racks to come to our factory for communication and exchange!

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