Application Case of Acrylic Trays

Acrylic is an eco-friendly and recyclable material that is very kind to our environment.
The appearance of acrylic material is both fashionable and simple.
And also it is easy to be processed and shaped.
Therefore, acrylic material is highly suitable for DIY personalized trays.
One acrylic trays, we can have endless options of function.
Option 1:
Acrylic trays used as Retail display to showcase and decorate products.
Such as Acrylic jewelry trays, Acrylic perfume tray, Acrylic cosmetics trays, Acrylic trays for small accessories
Option 2:
Acrylic trays used for catering, as we know service trays always used in Restaurants, cafes, and bars or home dining.
Such as Acrylic service trays,Acrylic Food trays, Acrylic beverage trays
Option 3:
Acrylic trays used for storage and organization.
Such as bathroom organizer tray, stationery organizer tray, Acrylic trays for keys and watches
Option 4:
Acrylic trays used for interior home décor.
Such as Acrylic decorative trays used to display candles, flower arrangements, Coffee table trays.

Option 5:

DIY Acrylic trays act as gifts for specific occasions or customized Acrylic trays for the projects.
Such as Clear Acrylic trays with changeable inserts for housewarming gift,
Acrylic trays for picnics,backyard barbecues
Acrylic trays are not easily deformed, waterproof, oil-resistant, easy to clean, and durable.
When using them, handle with care and avoid the use of corrosive cleaning agents as much as possible. Also, avoid exposure to high temperatures and strong collisions, which could lead to deformation or damage.
By using and maintaining them properly, acrylic trays can last longer and provide more assistance to our daily lives.

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