Acrylic Acoustic Cover In Hebei

International Cultural Exchange Center On The Silk Road- The Largest Cultural Complex In Beijing, Tianjin And Hebei

APEX team has constructed a globally unique diamond shaped acoustic cover which is located in the concert hall of the International Cultural Exchange Center on the silk road.

The acoustic cover is 10 meters in diameter, has full acrylic appearance without any exposed steel structure, weight 8 tons, and uses acrylic sheet white a thickness of 25mm. It not only constitutes an excellent visual effects of space, but also enhances the music effects with distinct layers and clear acoustic frequency response!

1. Project Meeting

Our team discussed design concepts, technical requirements, project timelines, and any potential challenges or constraints that need to be addressed with relevant engineers, acousticians, and project managers.

2. Make Drawing

These drawings include renderings, 3D drawings, and 2D drawings to ensure that all team members are on the same page regarding the design and execution of the project.

3. Sample Test

Our team conducted a sample simulation test to verify the design and acoustics of the acoustic cover.

4. Finished Product Inspection

After all components are produced, we assemble them in-house and conduct a series of inspections to ensure that the final acoustic cover meets the required specifications and quality standards.

5. Installation Process

The acoustic cover was safely delivered to the international cultural exchange center. With the perfect cooperation of the construction team and other relevant personnel, the acoustic cover insulation enclosure was successfully installed.

6. After Installation

The stylish and modern design of the acoustic cover complements the overall aesthetics of the International Cultural Exchange Center, enhancing the atmosphere and creating a visually appealing environment for performers and audiences.

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