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SHENZHEN APEX ARTCRAFTS CO., LTD short as APEX, who was founded in 2005, a leading manufacturer and supplier of display racks and acrylic products. Currently APEX have two self-owned factories located in Shenzhen city and Huizhou city, factories cover an area more than 13000 square meter, with 200+skilled workers and 150+ sets advanced equipment.

Our products are widely served in different industry including health and beauty, 3C electronics, food and beverages, jewelry, home furnishing, medical equipment, hotel supplies, gifts and crafts. etc. Whether you need a custom display racks or a standard acrylic products, we have the expertise and capabilities to meet your requirements.

We maintain strict quality control throughout the production process and ensure that our products meet the customer requirements. Our production Ability included Acrylic Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, Cardboard Fabrication, Wood Fabrication, Vac Forming, Injection Molding, UV Printing, Electroplating,CNC Milling/Router, Laser Cutting, Polishing, Silk-Screening, Hot Stamping, Laser Engraving…We have been passed ISO9001, SGS, BV, TUV, SEDEX, L’OREAL audit. We also welcome third-party factory inspections to showcase our commitment to ethical business practices and product quality.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, APEX provides comprehensive services, including concept development, prototyping, graphic design. Our goal is to simplify the procurement process for our clients and provide them with an end-to-end solution that meets their specific needs.

We consistently provide high-quality products and customer service, has earned us a solid reputation in the industry. Over 85% of our orders are for export, and we have established long-term partnerships with clients from North America, Europe, Asia, etc. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for internationally renowned brands such as L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, Estée Lauder, and many others.

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small business, APEX will be your reliable partner. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us help you elevate your brand presence through our superior solutions.

Our Mission

To promote industry process, to lead the industry trends.

Our Value

Superior quality builds the foundation; prominent service wins customer's heart.

Our Faith

Honesty, superior quality, innovation and win-win strategy.

Peter Fu

Peter was born in a small poor mountain village in Hunan, he always had a passion for reading and painting since he was young, which set him apart from his peers. Peter believes that anything is possible and strives to do the best in everything. His elementary school teacher recognizing his potential, praised him was an excellent student with lofty aspirations.

After graduating from college, Peter became an art teacher, the job is a very stable and enviable job. But Peter thought that life should not be complacent with the current situation, and there are still many possibilities in the future. On one fateful day, Peter made the bold decision to give up his teaching career to become a hand-painted designer. He immersed himself in this new profession, often staying up all night to perfect his craft. As time went on, Peter began to realize that this job was making him more introverted. Spending long hours alone, engrossed in his work, had isolated him from the outside world. Peter believes that excellent people should output, not just be accepted and input.

With a desire to challenge himself further, Peter decided to venture into sales. As a novice salesman, Peter had no salary and was completely on his own. He initially lacked clear goals and direction, blindly developed clients through various means including visit numerous office buildings, scouring contact numbers on the websites…After some time, Peter realized that this approach was futile and inefficient, he decided to reflect on his previous methods and make necessary changes to his strategy. Through a series of repeated failures, Peter constantly analyzed, contemplated, and improved his sales techniques. After two years of unremitting efforts, Peter finally became a formal salesman. In 1995, his monthly income reached 5000 RMB, a substantial amount in China at that time.

However, Peter believed that relying solely on individual efforts in business development had its limitations, this approach only offered short-term benefits and was highly unstable. It was at this pivotal moment that Peter crossed paths with the boss of a prominent Hong Kong company. Impressed by Peter’s determination, skills, and potential, the boss offered him a position as a business manager within the company. So Peter started to lead a team, learned how to lead a team, and worked hard to improve his management ability. Soon, under Peter’s guidance, the team flourished, and the company’s performance has achieved significant success.

In 2005, with knowledge and experience, Peter founded his own company- APEX. The company specialized in manufacturing and selling display racks and various acrylic products. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Peter never stopped learning. He understood the importance of communication with clients and continuously sought their feedback to improve company’s products and services. Peter also focused on enhancing the company’s organizational structure and management methods, creating an environment that fostered growth and encouraged everyone in the team to unleash their full potential. With the efforts of Peter and the team, APEX quickly gained recognition for its excellent product quality and excellent customer service, attracted customers from all over the world, and soon became a leader in the industry.

Our History

APEX was established on August 23
Registered our own brand "APEX"
Passed TUV certificate
Passed "AEON" factory audit
Passed RHOS, CE, UL certificates
Build and cohesive full-service system
Creating a future filled with possibilities
Expand production capacity
Passed ISO9001 and BV certificates
Passed SGS certificate
Be identified as "high-tech enterprise"
Passed L'Oreal Audit
Established APEX Huizhou branch

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