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Cosmetic Display

APEX has accumulated rich experience in cosmetics display projects, and established long-term cooperative relationships with world famous brands in the health and beauty industries. We can produce any type of custom cosmetic displays, including Make-up Display, Skincare Display, Personal Care Display, Fragrance Display, Cosmetic Fixture, Beauty Merchandising, Endcap display stand, Spinner display stand, 2 sided iconic expansion, 1- sided iconic expansion, Wall kits expansion, Newness glorifier, Iconic gondola 1-sided, Iconic gondola 2-sided, Gondola Version display stand, Wall Version display stand, Must haves tower, Refresh counter top units, 2 sided iconic display, Iconic 3 bay, Iconic metal pedestal, Iconic fixture, Inline Merchandising Displays, Retrofitted Retail Fixture, Double Bay Display Unit, Suncare Display Stand, Glossier Retail Display Stand, Tester widge display, Envy Iconic Display Stand, front of store display....etc. The right display racks can not only increase market share, but also promote a brand. Welcome to contact us to custom your display racks today.

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Vape Display

APEX provides a wide range of display racks for many brands customers in the electronic smoke industries. The display racks included vape display, Vape accessory display, Vaporizer display racks, Vape brand display, E-cigarette display, E-juice display, Pouch display rack, smoke shop display...etc. The right display racks can not only increase market share, but also promote a brand. Welcome to contact us to custom your display racks today.

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3C Electronics Display

APEX offers OEM&ODM electronics display racks with various sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate different types of electronic products. The 3C electronics displays we have made include Computer display stand, Gaming console display stand, Keyboard and mouse display stand, Headphones display rack, Audio system display rack, Bluetooth eyewear display rack, Massager display rack, Mobile phone display stand, Digital camera display rack, Video camera display stand, Watch and smart wristband display stand, Speaker display rack, Air purifier display stand, Point-of-purchase displays for Smart home devices, Car electronic products display stands, etc. Some intelligent display stands have interactive functions, and customers can test and experience the products. The right display racks can not only increase market share, but also promote a brand. Welcome to contact us to custom your display racks today.

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Eyeglasses Display

APEX produces almost all display stands commonly used in the eyewear industry: Glasses display case, Eyeglass display stand, Countertop eyewear display, Rotating eyewear display, Wall-mounted eyewear display, Floor standing eyewear display, Acrylic eyewear display, Sunglasses display rack, Reading glasses display stand, Customized eyewear display stand, etc. Our main products are acrylic display stand and metal display stand. The right display racks can not only increase market share, but also promote a brand. Welcome to contact us to custom your display racks today.

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Supermarket Display Stand

Supermarket display stands are often used for new or featured items, seasonal products, or promotional offers. So what kind of the supermarket display stands we can provide? Gondola display stand, end cap display stand, counter display stand, floor display stand, wall display stand, bulk display stand, specialty display stand, promotional display stand...we can provide any display rack you need.

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Custom Display Rack

We can provide display shelves of different materials, such as acrylic, metal, paper, wood, etc. Your logo, slogan and promotional graphic can add to the custom display racks. If you don't have drawings, it's no problem, just tell us your creative vision and we will turn it into reality. Create an impactful, eye-catching for your products through customized display rack, and ultimately become more competitive in the retail marketplace. We have never stopped learning and innovation while strive to perfect each step in our craft.

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Trophy Award

Choose the trophy award to recognize and commemorate achievements in various fields. APEX has been producing various trophies, award and plaques that have exceeded 400 styles since 2005. We will develop and design more than 10 new products every year, includes acrylic, resin, metal, wood, etc. If you need custom material, size, printing or other options, please feel free to contact our team.

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Custom Tray

Our custom trays can come in various types depending on their specific purpose and design: makeup tray, decor tray, jewelry tray, vanity Tray, hotel tray... The trays can be customized and designed to meet specific requirements. They can be made in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing for better organization and storage.

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Acrylic Gifts

Acrylic is a versatile material that can be used to create personalized gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. We can provide a wide range of popular gift made from acrylic, include: acrylic photo frames, acrylic key chains, fridge decorations, paperweights, phone holders, acrylic toys, acrylic ruler...They can be can be customized with images, name, logo, or patterns according to your personal needs.

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Acrylic Sign Holders

Acrylic sign holders can be used for hotels, offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more. Compared with metal sign holders, its production cost is lower and processing is more flexible. And its lightweight allows people to freely and flexibly place them anywhere in the store. We offer a variety of acrylic sign holder in several shapes, colors and sizes.

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Home Supplies

Acrylic furniture just like an artcraft, which can be well integrated into various decoration styles, endowing the space with a flexible and vivid aesthetic feeling. APEX has been developing interesting and fashionable home supplies, injecting rich cultural connotation into the products with humanized design concept, and providing more fun for your life.

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About Us

SHENZHEN APEX ARTCRAFTS CO., LTD short as APEX, who was founded in 2005, a leading manufacturer and supplier of display racks and acrylic products. Currently APEX have two self-owned factories located in Shenzhen city and Huizhou city, factories cover an area more than 13000 square meter, with 200+skilled workers and 150+ sets advanced equipment.

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Two Factories

Two self-owned factories in Shenzhen and Huizhou, with complete production facilities, have passed ISO/SGS/BV/TUV/SEDEX/L’OREAL audit.

Quality Assurance

For APEX, quality is a high priority. We have established a strict quality management system from raw material procurement to product delivery inspection.

Rich Experience

Long-term cooperation with a number of international famous brands, with rich experience to handle multi-material and complex projects.

Professional Teams

We have stable team include production, sales, R&D, core personnel have worked at APEX more than 10 years.

Industrial Chain

APEX integrates upstream and downstream supply chains to build and cohesive full-service system, provides a full suite solution to satisfy all demands.

Good Reputation

We approach every new challenge with genuine enthusiasm, and every detail with professionalism, obtain recognition and high reputation from customers.


April 30, 2024

The Application Of Metal Cigarette Display Racks

Metal Cigarette Display Racks are popular in convenience stores,retail stores,gas station c-store and vape shops to display and showcase a variety of electronic cigarette products.APEX factory offers a wide range of display racks, including both tabletop and free-standing options.
April 30, 2024

What are the options for cigarette display racks?

In the vast ocean of display racks, cigarette display racks undoubtedly shine like bright stars.
April 24, 2024

Cosmetic Display Disign Ideas

The design and display of cosmetic display cases is a knowledge. There are many factors to consider.
We make ideas real. Contact us now to get catalog and discuss new designs! We will approach every requirement from you with genuine enthusiasm.
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